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Nurse Cynthia’s Lime-Pear Gelatin Salad



I can remember this modest dish at our table several times, as well as presenting itself at various church pot-luck dinners. The idea is simple: make two large box of lime jello in a 9×13 glass casserole dish. Refrigerate until the jello starts to set, about a half an hour. Finally, add canned or fresh pear halves to the jello, leaving a least an inch of space between them, and chill for at least another hour until well set. Cut into squares, one pear-half per person. If you’d like to dress it up, spread the top with a mixture of equal parts prepared whipped cream and sour cream, and sprinkle with chopped walnuts. It’s here to stay.


I can just imagine troubled but intrepid character Gary, compelled to spend several weeks attending an inpatient mental health program, eating more than his fill of Jell-O. He might even protest my including the recipe in The Reluctant Archivist, considering the close association with hospital food. But his complaints would probably be to no avail. Lime-pear gelatin is now a staple, including the ready-made Jell-O brand cups. What 70’s foods do you wish would have gone out of style with platform shoes? Let me know at juliehadler.com.


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