The Reluctant Archivist

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Mill hugs Rich, John, and Melissa as confetti drifts down in his small, bustling campaign headquarters office.

“Thank you for all your hard work,” he bellows. The forty-some “Champaign Crusaders” clap and whistle. He is now a city councilman. The Goal—becoming mayor of Champaign IL, is now within reach.

But Mill’s conniving political rivals are using his brother Gary’s mental instability to discredit him, and not even Mill’s political savvy prevents a threat on Gary’s life. How will Mill maintain his focus on The Goal, when his own vulnerability to mental illness is already sabotaging his dream?

Mill escapes to graduate school, but ignoring his inner conflicts and “Gary challenges” isn’t making them go away. Then his former campaign manager, Rich, discovers some apparent dirty dealing in the Champaign Mayor’s office. Could this be the information Mill needs to get back on track and achieve the Goal?

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