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Thirteen year-old David has quit soccer—he much prefers solving Sudoku puzzles. But when his parents divorce, David must endure the indignity of reporting to Miss Lee, the elderly Chinese-American neighbor Mom enlists to keep tabs on him.

David resents the intrusion, but when he and Miss Lee discover a common interest in word games, a true friendship develops. In fact, Miss Lee understands David better than Dad, who pressures David to participate in sports and insists he complete a project required for application to a prestigious private school. When Dad learns of his friendship with Miss Lee, his prejudiced nature shows itself. But does David care enough about what Dad wants for him to abandon a good friend?

As Miss Lee begins to help David with his application project, she wonders what consequences this will have for David. How will Miss Lee straddle the fine line between mentor, and meddler?


Available now for $.99 through Amazon, Kobo, Scribd, iBooks, Page Foundry, Tolino, and 24 Symbols.


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