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1991. Jonah knelt before the gravestone to pray. He placed his palm on the cold smooth surface, as if bestowing a blessing on his father’s head. Rev. Edward Tyson, 1929-1983.

Dear Lord, please forgive me.

The edges of the stone began to blur. He blinked and squinted at the writing. The engraving was melting, a videotape rewinding. In its place stood a long-haired teenager.

“So are you joining the party, or just going to stand there?” A classmate from his 1975 algebra class said.

In 1981, Jonah interviewed for admission to the seminary, but ten years later he’s settled for a job as a nonprofit administrator. Then a bizarre experience at Hemingway Cemetery makes him question where God’s will ends and his will begins. Can he dare to pursue his mission again?


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