Taking More Than Just A (News)Bite


We’re living in a political world, but I’m not a political girl. Can I be reformed? Start to care? You’d think a writer whose main character, Mill Fairbairn, is running for mayor, would be politically aware and fascinated by the latest party wranglings. Not so much. I have a hard time concentrating during five minutes of radio news bites.

I’m aware of this shortcoming and ready to repent of it. So I’m going to launch another experiment: for the next two months I’m going to write a weekly post about what I’ve learned from at least one story concerning state or national politics. Obama? ISIS? Murder rates in Alaska? I’d welcome any suggestions of sources of reputable information: TV, websites, magazines–any and all.

Let my journey from uninformed to cutting edge begin. I think Mill would be proud.

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  1. janelle

    I like NPR because they have longer segments to really help me understand, not just a quick sound bite. They also have interviews with people in that country or experts or whoever, not just the reporter/announcer person. I find their stories, read by a human to me as I cook, to be easy to listen to. Enjoy!

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