Mill Fairbairn–Politician, Archivist, Reluctant detective? A Look Inside the Upcoming Book

People tend to hate elections because it whisks them into the Cynical Zone. With the gubernatorial and congressional elections fast approaching, it seems timely to note that my upcoming book features Mill, an honest-to-goodness politician who wants to be of service to his community. Of course, Mill (full name Millard, after the little known President Millard Fillmore) won’t get off so easily. Good intentions aren’t enough to glide Mill into the position he longs for–Hizzoner the Mayor. Mental illness in the family, legal woes, and opposition with deeply bribe-lined pockets careen Mill’s campaign from shoe-in success to almost-certain failure. With all these challenges, Mill has to ask himself how much does he want this job, and what will he do to get it? 

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