Food and Fiction

Lately I’ve pondered how to combine the topics of food and fiction in my blog. Recent readers know my interest in healthy whole foods as well as writing.

In some ways this wouldn’t be difficult. “Culinary mysteries”— aka murders which occur wherever certain caterers tread–have been popular for decades. Notables publish about their early childhoods in the kitchen, where holiday foods and secret recipes engraved lasting memories. And this isn’t even taking into account the occasional historical novel revolving around a bakery or early twentieth-century foodie.

But what new “Food Fiction” combinations are worth noting? Unless I’ve missed something at my local library, most people don’t take their grocery list into the stacks when looking to satisfy a craving. Still, there are times I have cravings for books. I troll bookstores and like an insomniac desperate for a midnight snack to go with the warm milk.

What  a blessing that book cravings can be satisfied without guilt! In fact, they should be encouraged. Sometimes I want historical fiction with a little romance thrown in. That’s the sweet topping. Other days, a suspenseful adventure in an exotic setting fills me up like spicy Indian dal or a flavorful chopped salad.

How well is your life’s diet balanced between activity (exercise) and serene contemplation of the written word? Mine can get pretty off-balance. But it’s an equanimity worthy of your effort. Here’s to feeding the mind, soul, and the belly with truly nourishing food!

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