True Confessions

As promised, this post is dedicated to the confessions of a woman seeking freedom from carb-dependence. (see “The Carb-Sensitivity Diet” by Dr. Natasha Turner) Below I’ll try to explain how I’ve cut corners on the diet. I wish I could also nail down how bending the diet “rules” has affected my weight loss. That may have to wait pending further research (or more coffee to keep me alert as I write)  

I feel a little defensive as I get ready to reveal my mistakes. I’m tempted to brag about how virtuous I have been in the past, even when I was fifteen pounds heavier and confused about what type of diet I should be following. I analyzed all kinds of extenuating circumstances (excuses!) I considered factors in my weight gain–everything from menopause, to insulin resistance, to not getting enough sleep. I found I couldn’t rule out anything! They could all be contributing factors, and it wasn’t doing me any good to try to figure it out. Don’t you hate it when life isn’t cut and dried?  

My True Confessions are listed below in no particular order (such as from least to greatest sins) Maybe they will serve as a “heads-up” so you don’t make the same mistakes. 

1. I found it difficult to keep the Breakfast Smoothie recipes distinct from the Between-Meal Snack Smoothie recipes. The Breakfast Smoothies have more calories, so aren’t interchangeable. But they are very similar. 

2. There are subtle differences between the varieties of legumes and squash you can eat in different Phases. When I didn’t keep on top of that, I intermingled the Phases. 

3. During the Phase where whole-wheat pasta is allowed, I served and ate white pasta once or twice. I could have made time to go to the store, but didn’t–mostly because of my part-time job, the kids’ sports practices and violin lessons, writing this blog, and wanting to have periodic conversations with my husband about something other than grocery lists. 

4. Ditto number three above, with eating (gasp!) full-fat cheese. I couldn’t find the low-fat Cabot brand. It is the only brand of hard cheese allowed, and I guess they don’t sell it in the average Chicago grocery store. 

5. On Phases One and Two, before I was granted a weekly Cheat Meal, (which Weight Watchers wisely would probably call a “Treat Meal”)  I used ketchup, bottled pasta sauce with sugar added, and occasionally had restaurant food with forbidden sauces–like at the Hibachi Grill.

So how do you like me now? I hope this drives home the point that to start, make mistakes, and keep going is better than to endlessly procrastinate. If you need (and want!) your health and body fat composition to improve, the Carb-Sensitivity Diet may help. It helped me better understand and reduce my carbohydrate reliance. It won’t promote World Peace, but won’t you feel all sciency and virtuous after giving it a try?

Next week–Transitioning to a Related Subject? Where Do I Go From Here?

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